Soil and Drainage

We will evaluate drainage by examining your site. Good drainage is essential for aeration, nutrient cycling, root growth and prevention of problems caused by standing water.

For soil amendments, we follow "best practice guidelines" set forth by the State of Washington that include preserving or reusing high quality native soils, amending soils with compost, and mulching. This will reduce compaction and grow a healthy, easy-care landscape.

Soil should be tested peiodically and amendments added as needed. Ideal soil conditions have a balanced mixture of five ingredients: solids, ranging from small stones down to the smallest clay particles; organic matter, mostly decayed vegetable and animal matter; a substantial population of living creatures; and considerable quantities of water and air.

With our knowledge and years of experience, we can help you achieve the right balance for your landscape providing you with years of enjoyment.

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Soil Amendment and Drainage Services:
Evaluate drainage - Recommend solutions
Restore soil functions - Build healthy soil
Refresh mulch around beds
Think twice before using pesticides
Water smart

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