Irrigation Installation and Service

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is a complicated job for even the most adventurous do-it-yourselfer. Digging, tunnelling, and hosing the right materials is hard enough. Making it all work without wasting water or damaging your property can be a nightmare.

Jefferson Landscaping's experienced professionals will do the job right. We will design a system that provides the right coverage for your property and make sure it works. Standard installation includes leak detection, timer tune-up, winterization, cleaning, rain-sensor adjustment, and digital controller � all the features of a high performance, effiicient sprinkler system.

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Irrigation Services We Provide:
System Design/Installation/Permits
Water Conservation Measures
Rain Sensor Adjustments
Spring "start ups"
Mid-season inspections
Fall Winterization
Certified Backflow Testing


We partner with manufacturers that provide the highest quality
landscape irrigation products:

Grounds and Garden Maintenance
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