Cascade Plan - Residential

High Growth Season ( March thru October )
We do weekly lawn mowing
We do weekly blowing
We do weekly edging
We weed your flower beds
We spot spray the weeds in your shrub beds
We rake your garden and flower beds (The fall leaves cluttering
up your beds are removed weekly )
We shear your hedges and prune your shrubs
We use propane powered mowers
battery operated hand equipment

Low Growth Season ( November thru February )
We visit your home two times each month ( Except when the
weather doesn't allow us to )
We mow your lawn at least once per month, but as often as it needs it
We edge your lawn once per month
We prune all your trees up to 10 feet tall
We clean up all the fall leaves
We cleanup all the fall perennials
We do blowing every visit
From ground hand pruning only

Our Eco Friendly initiative includes using propane powered mowers and battery operated hand equipment.

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